Brand Strategist

Anne Corless

Curious connector and rabbit-hole deep diver.

Brand Strategist


Anne once earned the nickname Pochemuchka (POH-chay-MOO-chka) — a Russian term of endearment for a child who asks a lot of questions. Ask her how she got it and you may have even more questions.

Her constant curiosity serves her (and us) well as the bridge between our clients and process at Native. Being that connector is a lot like waiting tables, according to Anne. “Sometimes you have to show them how the sausage is made.” 

As for the life part of work/life, Anne’s a lifelong learner, too. Sewing, playing dress up (“face paint and costumes should not be limited to October”) and challenging herself in the kitchen as if she’s in an episode of Chopped. You name it, she’s interested.

Okay, maybe that nickname needs no further explanation.

Favorite Drink

Fresh celery juice. Piping black coffee. Stinky red wine. Botanical gin-forward Negroni. In that order.

Favorite Music

Anything that makes me wanna move. Swoon for a big beat drop, dance-y melody, or a heavy breakdown

Little Known Fact

I didn’t lose my last baby tooth until I was 21.