Junior Designer

 Andrés Nelso

Constantly creating.

Junior Designer

Some creatives are built for this. Andrés, on the other hand, says he was born for this.

Growing up watching his father work as a photographer unlocked his creative bone from a young age. And he never looked back. 

He took every chance he could to showcase his love for creative expression. From creating his own magazine publication to running a social media account dedicated to sports fans — Andrés has always loved putting his ideas to use. 

At the end of the day, Andrés relishes the opportunity to tap into his creativity. This makes him a perfect fit as a Designer at Native. Because everyday is an opportunity to create something new — visual identity systems, eye-catching digital campaigns and all.

Favorite Drink

Lemon Brisk

Favorite Music


Little Known Fact

 I was an acrobat when I was younger. I’ve won multiple competitions.