Account Director

Ali Lackamp

Client ally. Restaurant aficionado.

Account Director

Ali initially started as a pre-nursing student in college, but quickly realized it wasn’t for her after a few anatomy labs. Lucky for her, she only dissects clients’ challenges these days.

Ali serves as a main point of contact for clients — connecting them with the Native Digital people and process. She’s a fierce advocate that always ensures client expectations are not only met, but are rather exceeded. 

Ali has a long history working in the Food and Beverage industry, helping brands stand out in a world of a million other brands. She’s always been drawn to brand development and loves to do it for a variety of clients at Native. It gives her an opportunity to keep up with multiple industries, different products and exciting companies.

You can also find Ali keeping up with her two young boys. She loves quality time with her family, cooking and spending any time she can get outdoors.

Favorite Drink

It’s very weather, location and situation based but my fave is red wine.

Favorite Music

All kinds, even country now and then.

Little Known Fact

“I was runner up in my third-grade spelling bee. The word I misspelled was ‘common’.”