Sr Account Manager

Ali Lackamp

Organization fanatic. Client ally. Restaurant aficionado.

Sr Account Manager

Ali is an organization fanatic. Her ability to distill projects and processes into spreadsheets and to-do lists helps the team navigate the ins and outs of client projects and keep on track. Ali says the best part of her job is getting to witness client projects take shape from beginning to end. With a background in the Food and Beverage industry, Ali loves the challenge of helping clients’ brands shine in a world of a million other brands.

Outside Native, Ali hangs out with her family, spending time outside, going to new restaurants and playing with their chocolate lab, Aggie.

Favorite Drink

Pinot Noir (for cold weather) and Sauv Blanc (for warm weather)

Favorite Music

All kinds, even country now and then

Little Known Fact

Ali was the runner-up in her grade school’s spelling bee one year. The word she misspelled was ‘common‘.