Soaring SaaS Stocks, Kickstarting Unions & User Retention

This month’s roundup covers soaring stocks, unions and user retention.

Alphabet hit $1T and SaaS stocks reach all-time highs

If we’ve learned anything from the downfall of unicorns like WeWork and Brandless, sustained success takes more than a strong product and funding. Still Alphabet passing the $1 trillion threshold is just one of many signals that SaaS stocks are performing well in the public markets. For more, scan through BVP’s State of the Cloud.

Kickstarting tech unions

The first white collar tech workers to unionize can now be found at Kickstarter. It came after a 46–37 vote among a staff of 145 employees. Whether you’re for or against this notion it signals both the maturing of the tech sector and the power highly-skilled talent has in an economy with only 3.6% unemployment.

Building User Retention

Several pro-tips in this G2 article geared towards SaaS marketers. Topics range from onboarding to fending off competition to messaging prompts.

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