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editorial calendar

Organization that moves you forward.

Wondering if you need an editorial calendar? We’re likely to say you do – but read on.

Editorial Calendar Basics

Editorial calendars – sometimes called content calendars – are plans that help you and your team organize your content creation strategically. Marketers who use editorial calendars often use them to manage blog content, but they’re also great for strategically organizing white papers, landing pages, social media – basically anything that you could categorize as “content.”

You might need an editorial calendar if …

If you struggle with any of these issues, an editorial calendar might help you:

  • Confusion among your team about to-dos and project ownership
  • Keeping stakeholders involved and aware of marketing projects, but not overwhelmed
  • Aligning content creation to strategic objectives
  • Fighting off one-off projects started on a whim

An editorial calendar won’t solve all of your communication issues and strategic hurdles, but it’s a good step toward keeping everyone aligned, in the know, and aware of workloads.

“Populous went from a basic editorial calendar to a robust, detailed plan thanks to Native. The team evaluated every facet of our positioning to fortify our content. We’re now even more confident in how we reach customers online.”
Gina Stingley
Director of Marketing

What You Get

When you work with us, we’ll create a full-fledged editorial calendar that takes into account your audience and personas, content themes, seasonality, and even the details like calls-to-action for every piece of content you create. Oh, and it’ll be color-coded, too.