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Say Allo to my Little Friend

Olivia Shelton

October 2016


Big new features

Google Allo
Google’s new messaging app is bringing search into everyday conversations, so finding the taco shops closest to you and your friends will be easier than ever before. While this feature is already promising popularity among its users, marketers want to know how they’ll rank in search results.

Facebook is expanding its horizons
As a response to its massive population of pages dedicated to buying and selling, Facebook officially rolled out Marketplace, a feature within the Facebook app that will make it easier for users to buy and sell items. Although Facebook won’t facilitate actual payment for sold items, Marketplace puts Facebook in close competition with sites like Craigslist and Ebay. Plus, they just launched a streamlined Messenger app for Android – but it probably still won’t work on your flip phone.

Snapchat Glasses
Let all your friends know what you’re doing at all times with Spectacles! These fancy shades can record parts of your day and upload them to your Snapchat account for a first-person video experience. Oh, and Snapchat is just Snap now.

Studies show …

Mobile search is changing our brains
Researchers have been tracking our eyeballs when we search on Google, and it looks like mobile search has changed our habits. The biggest takeaway: we’re viewing more search results overall but spending less time scanning each one.

Maybe teens email each other more than we thought
A recent study found that YouTube and Gmail are the top-used sites for teens between the ages of 13 and 17, topping social media sites like Snapchat and Facebook. Color us surprised.

Quantifying online video views is tough
Facebook counts a video view as three seconds or more; Snapchat says it’s one second, and Vine says a view is watching the whole video (but then, they’re only 6 seconds long). Who’s right?

Also …

This Paul Rudd quiz is deceptively hard.
He might be a real-life Dorian Gray.

What We’re Drinking

October weather has us craving Woodford Reserve bourbon, or as our designer Shelby calls it, “Fall in a Glass.” Our love affair with Woodford Reserve began a few months ago during a video shoot in Lexington, Kentucky, aka Bourbon Country. A must-try for any bourbon aficionado.