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Editorial Calendar Template

This Excel content calendar template is created to be adaptable, so you can easily customize it to your needs.

Download Excel Template

What’s in the Template

Monthly Calendars

Each month gets its own tab, broken down by week so that you can see a full picture of publication on your various marketing channels. If your publication schedule is less frequent, you can easily revise these tabs to cover single quarters instead of months.

Each piece of content should align with your brand themes and audience, so it’s important to keep those columns in your plan as a check against content ideas.

Social Media Tabs

Keep all your content planning at your fingertips with social media tabs where you can write posts that align with your monthly calendar.


Each month has a backlog section that you can use to log ideas that either don’t make the cut or might need to be created to fill in a gap.

Extend those ideas to your overall backlog tab, and you’ll have a bank of potential content to pull from at any time. Finally, keep your content themes and audience info here for quick and easy reference.

Download Excel Template

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