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Coming Back Stronger: A Marketer’s Guide for Recovery

While we can’t predict the future, we can get ourselves ready for what most predict will be a strong recovery on the backside.

Many experts believe pent-up demand will be unprecedented. Here’s what that demand may look like for multiple industries:

Wanderlust at an all-time high, yearning for the green light to explore.

Adopting contact-free transactions.

Software as a Service
Late-adopters speeding up switch to online services.

Appreciative of societal contribution and bioscience advances.

Celebrate post-hibernation. Time to look good again. Stick with online innovators.

Food & Beverage
Time to meet our favorite people at our favorite places.

Commercial Real Estate
Greater appreciation for our sense of place while realizing remote connections work well too.

Key Principles for coming back stronger

Online to offline
Two trends are emerging. Everything is going online in ways that will likely not be reversed. At the same time there will be a lot of pent-up demand for in-person experiences once there’s a green light. Be ready for online to point to offline.

Speak from the heart
We’ve all been homebound and pining to socialize. Some fared worse financially, others health-wise. It’s a good time for your brand to display its humanity.

Roadmap key moments
The rebound will come in phases. First, hesitancy. Then celebration. Finally, the new normal. Map out how your brand should play in each in terms of messages and channels.

Reward loyalty
Retention is key. Make sure your customers before the outbreak remain your customers. Don’t let competitors take your turf. When the time is right, celebrate and reward loyalty like never before.

Re-examine your value prop
Identify how your offerings are positioned in the new normal. If necessary, modify and evolve everything from brand messaging to customer experience.

Consider Geographies
Apply bid modifiers to locations still heavily affected or based on product/service availability.

Prioritize digital
Digital is disrupting every established industry. This outbreak has accelerated that shift once again. It won’t be the last. During the 2008 financial crash, marketers quickly shifted spend from print (-27%) to make sure online channels (-2%) continued. Gain a competitive edge by beating others online.

People who can guide & execute

To ensure you have the right people working on behalf of your brand, identify the right mix of people and partners to guide and execute your mission.

How can we help?

These are the top three requests from existing clients.

Pivot Workshop
We’re leading guided virtual consultation sessions with each discipline expert to revise audience, message and channel strategies. Speed to market to key.

Message Playbook Adaptation
With so many people speaking on behalf of the brand, it’s critical to be on the same page. This adapts headlines, supporting points and desired action for each audience segment allowing marketing, sales, ops and vendors to stay aligned.

Channel Strategy Reallocation
Customer behavior has changed, so should the marketing mix. Our analysts measure what’s working, what’s not and advise relocation of spend for today and post-recovery.

The best answer to how we can help lies in a conversation. We want to hear what hurdles you’re facing, what your customers need and also what your remote working situation is like. Give one of us, Jake or Justin, a shout and we’ll figure this thing out together.

Jake Jacobson
VP, Growth & Partnerships

Justin Watkins
CEO, Founder

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Or skip the articles and get our entire strategy on how to grow market share during economic change. It’s free. It’s not even gated. Just be sure to tell us how you’re putting it to good use.

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