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Google gets AMPed

Olivia Shelton

September 2016

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The Big News

Google adds AMP to mobile search
Google wants you to know there’s something new to add to your SEO checklist: make your site AMP friendly. Accelerated mobile pages have been around since February, but as a response to a recent study showing the need for faster mobile sites, Google is promising “expanded exposure” for those who have AMP sites.

Advertising Updates

LinkedIn is catching up with the times
LinkedIn now offers conversion tracking for advertisers, a feature which many other social networks like Facebook and Twitter already offer. However, LinkedIn is going more in depth by including audience segmentation in its reports, so advertisers can know exactly who is responding to their content.

Adblocking is at an all-time high
A recent report found that, globally, more than 62.9 percent of mobile pageviews are affected by adblockers. These numbers are high and only getting higher, meaning it’s crucial for brands to focus on creating engaging content and building audience relationships.


IOS 10 goes RAW
Good news for organizations without an in-house photographer: the IOS 10 update allows iPhone users with 6s or newer models to shoot photos in RAW. This is helpful because photos taken in RAW format are more flexible when it comes to editing. So, instead of settling for just an okay iPhone photo, you’ll be able to edit photos the way you want them. Get snappin’.

Speaking of snappin’
Snapchat’s ad revenue is expected to reach almost 1 billion in 2017. 2016 was a big year for this social app, so big that competitors like Instagram and Whatsapp have made changes to adapt to Snapchat’s huge influence. We’re interested to see what next year holds for Snapchat.

Also …

People are streaming “Hot in Herre” for all the right reasons
Won’t you help #SaveNelly?

What We’re Drinking

This week we tested out Sága IPA from Summit Brewing Company. Even a non-IPA drinker would enjoy this well-balanced, slightly hoppy beer. Sága, you’re welcome in our fridge anytime.