Director, Paid Media


Our performance marketing team analyzes insights, drives strategic recommendations, develops plans and ultimately delivers results. We thrive on endless curiosity, constant learning, teamwork to road-test our insights, and collaboration with our creative team. If you’re looking for a growing team that will let you flex your strategic muscles, we should talk.

Role & Responsibility
  • Lead & grow a team of Jr/Mid/Senior/Associate Director level hires. Be a skill multiplier for knowledge tasks as well as management and oversight training across all paid channels.
  • Assist VPs with recruiting and hiring of paid media individuals & freelancers including identifying talent, evaluating, and negotiation.
  • Lead strategic directions for paid search, social, display, and video offerings at Native including deliverables, reporting, and other client facing and organizational documentation.
  • Support management & optimization for PPC/paid search, paid social and programmatic campaigns. Provide feedback on ad copy, targeting, landing page optimization and identifying correct KPIs.
  • Assist with integrated digital campaign planning for clients through competitive audits of marketing performance across all channels. Ensure campaign KPIs achieve business objectives and success.
  • Assist with presenting Native capabilities and success stories to prospective clients and successfully identify new channel opportunities for existing clients.
  • Assist with Native use of paid media data to identify growth capabilities and opportunities for clients and team members at Native.
  • Identify and create efficiencies in operation that increase the value to clients and Native.
  • Ensure there’s adequate oversight and collaboration across paid media teams to ensure search, social, etc. don’t become fragmented strategically.

If you’re right for the role, you will…
  • Have 7-10 years experience in an advertising or marketing environment, buying & planning digital media campaigns.
  • Manage, mentor and grow a team of performance driven staff focused on delivering for a key set of clients.
  • Have a strong ability to buy, plan and report paid media strategies, and to meet client digital KPIs and understand connecting that to bigger business objectives.
  • Be able to translate business needs into campaigns that model a path for positive ROI
  • Familiarity with GA4 and how to analyze and optimize paid initiatives based on traffic performance and site experience. Strong ability to connect ad messaging with how the web experience connects with that.
  • Excellent at time management & prioritization while balancing multiple clients & project timelines.
  • Be a strong communicator and presenter with excellent attention to detail.
  • Possess insatiable curiosity.
  • Have a distaste for cookie cutter approaches to paid media.


  1. Retention – Maintain > 80% client retention (meaning majority of clients sign on for continued work).
  1. Strategic Leadership – Ensure quality of work doesn’t deteriorate with delegation. Advise clients and team on improvements in performance metrics that align with their business objectives. 
  1. Paid Media Growth – Lead & oversee the growth of our paid media offering by ensuring work is strategically sound (and thus stickier with clients) and that the team is strong and positioned well to succeed and surpass client expectations.
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