Are you the right copywriter to write copy for us right now?

Did you see that headline? Clearly our current writers could use fresh eyes. Which is why we’re looking for somebody who can mix conceptual big picture thinking with day-to-day client writing. We make cool stuff here, but not just for the sake of making cool stuff — it’s all rooted in brand story and voice. Think you’re up for it?

Role & Responsibility
  • Write headlines, video scripts, social captions and sometimes a beautifully crafted job description full of self praise
  • Write long-form web content, blog posts and white papers. Succinctly.
  • Write in a variety of brand voices aligned with brand messaging strategy
  • Copyedit and proof yourself and others. Can you spot the spelling error in this posting? Is there one? Maybe. Maybe not.
  • Team up with a variety of art directors to concept for campaigns & brands (and break the rules by using “concept” as a verb)
  • Participate in team brainstorms. Get that thinking cap ready.
  • Co-present during project milestone client meetings
  • Collaborate with brand/digital strategists and account managers to solve client challenges
  • Contribute to our culture, brand and self promotion. #ad
  • Produce high-quality work that’s on-time and on-schedule. That one should be a gimme.
If you’re right for the role, you will…
  • Not have an ego, that’s for sure
  • 2-5 years of experience in advertising and marketing
  • Experience in branding, campaign messaging and digital channels
  • A bachelor’s degree in a related field
  • A strong presenter and internal communicator
  • Love of quick pace and high variety
Apply Now

To apply now, email Creative Director, Chris Jardieu, at with your resume, portfolio link and please fill out the form below for our records.