Associate Director, Paid Media


Our performance marketing team analyzes insights, drives strategic recommendations, develops plans and ultimately delivers results. We thrive on endless curiosity, constant learning, teamwork to road-test our insights, and collaboration with our creative team. If you’re looking for a growing team that will let you flex your strategic muscles, we should talk.

Role & Responsibility
  • Oversee and perform set up, management, optimization and reporting for paid media campaigns. Includes management of key account(s) and oversight of a team of buyers & analysts to ensure adequate strategic guidance.
  • Mentor and manage a team of 2-3 campaign managers & analysts to support organizational growth. Ensure technical skills are being developed and strategic recommendations are aligned with client goals & objectives.
  • Develop strategic campaign architecture that maximizes ROI. Diagnose issues and deficiencies on existing campaign set-up and recommend paths to profitability.
  • Plan campaigns to achieve business objectives through tactics spanning multiple channels. Implement strategies by running paid media and retargeting campaigns and working with external media partners.
  • Effectively recruit, retain, train & develop Jr/Mid level SEM hires to improve NTV and employee capabilities.
  • Lead & assist with quantitative analysis and integrated digital campaign planning for clients through competitive audits of marketing performance on social media, search, display, video, and web. Plan campaigns to achieve business objectives/metrics through tactics spanning multiple channels.
  • Collaborate closely with Account Service, Client Strategy, and Creative teams.
    Effectively present analysis, plans and reporting internally and externally.
  • Other duties may arise from time to time and may be assigned to the employee such as contributions to internal marketing/promotions.
If you’re right for the role, you will…
  • Have 5-8 years experience buying & planning digital media campaigns
  • Have a strong ability to buy & plan digital and to meet client digital KPIs and understand connecting that to bigger business objectives.
  • Have a strong understanding of platform incentives and a distaste for automated placements and measuring impressions.
  • Be able to plan, implement, report and optimize for the paid social, display and video, as well as understand website & business performance metrics
  • Be able to translate business needs into campaigns that model a path for positive ROI
  • Familiarity with GA4 and how to analyze and optimize paid initiatives based on traffic performance and site experience. Strong ability to connect ad messaging with how the web experience connects with that.
  • Excellent at time management & prioritization while balancing multiple clients & project timelines.
  • Be a strong communicator and presenter with excellent attention to detail.
  • Possess insatiable curiosity.
  • Have a distaste for cookie cutter approaches to paid media.
  • Have a bachelor’s degree in a related field.

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