Biotech: Buffett Bets Big

This month’s roundup covers big investment dollars, Warren Buffet and Covid-19.

33 billion invested in biotech last year – will it continue in 2020?

As an election year or the impending recession threatens to slow down the bio sector it appears smaller biotechs are proving they’re capable of more than just R&D. Brands like GW Pharmaceuticals, Karyopharm, Neurocrine and Acadia Pharmaceuticals are proving capable of marketing their products successfully against larger rivals.

Buffet enters the arena: blesses investment of Biogen

When the likes of Warren Buffet sets his sights on anindustry, it’s clear there’s a new level of investor potential. The nine-figure investment could indicate a natural progression from it’s existing health care investments (Teva, DaVita, and Johnson & Johnson). 

Fighting off Coronavirus

Companies like Moderna and Gilead Sciences are rushing to find vaccines and treatments. Yes, the regulatory process is the big question but it took only 42 days for Moderna to submit it’s first vaccine. Gilead is already testing an experimental Ebola treatment in China. 

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