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Rui Xu

Rui Xu

Data Analyst

About Rui

If you ask Rui to describe his job, he’ll give you a simple answer: he uses data to help clients make marketing decisions. But Rui’s expertise goes deep; depending on the day, you’ll find him analyzing audience web behavior, solving technical web tracking problems, or helping our clients understand long-term trends on their websites.

Rui has always been a curious person, so diving into the world of marketing and advertising was a natural fit. “I love understanding how peoples’ minds work, so using data to try to analyze behaviors seemed like a natural step.”

Outside the office, Rui is busy as a Kansas State Representative, helping solve problems for the people of his district.

Favorite music: I dabble in everything but I always tend to go back to Americana. Jason Isbell, The Lumineers, Caamp, etc.

Favorite drink: Beer

Little-known fact: “I was born in Switzerland, which nobody ever guesses. ;)”