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Aaron Mull


About Aaron

Aaron excels at – in his own words – “making stuff.” For him, that means creating kick-ass video that captures the feeling of a moment (or a place, or a product, if we want to get marketing-specific). Aaron loves to learn new skills, and in his spare time, he works on his own short documentaries and videos – you’ll want to check out Internet Kids, his feature film that was released at the Buffer Festival – yep, he got to get all dressed up for the premiere.

Aaron says that he loves his coworkers at Native (awwww) and loves getting to work on different projects with different clients in industries ranging from travel to nonprofits to engineering.

Favorite music: Ed Sheeran is killing it right now

Favorite drink: Rum & Vanilla Coke

Little-known fact: “I once tried to break the longest time on a pogo stick record.”